VoiceThread is a free web tool that gives a voice to all students - video, audio, text, and annotations. Students can participate - for example, students can access teacher instructions and record themselves solving a math problem using audio, video, text, or annotations.

VoiceThread Examples





VoiceThread relies on audio technology and does provide alternate means of communication; however, it doesn't provide a textual equivalent of audio material.

VoiceThread Universal is compatible with assistive technologies. This more accessible version of VoiceThread minimizes the normal interface and makes it easier for some students or assistive technology software to access (such as its compatibility with screen readers used by individuals who are visually impaired) information. Navigation within VT Universal doesn't require fine motor skills and can be used exclusively without a pointing device - a keyboard alone is needed - (VT almost exclusively requires a pointing device).

Additional general information about VoiceThread can be found at this link.